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Review: Mountain Echoes by C.E. Murphy

Mountain Echoes by C.E. Murphy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Series: The Walker Papers #8
Reading Level: Urban Fantasy/Adult
Publisher: Harlequin Luna February 26, 2013
Pages: 352


You can never go home again.

Joanne Walker has survived an encounter with the Master at great personal cost, but now her father is missing - stolen from the timeline. She must finally return to North Carolina to find him - and to meet Aidan, the son she left behind long ago. 

That would be enough for any shaman to face, but Joanne's beloved Appalachians are being torn apart by an evil reaching forward from the distant past. Anything that gets in its way becomes tainted - or worse. 

And Aidan has gotten in the way. 

Only by calling on every aspect of her shamanic powers can Joanne pull the past apart and weave a better future. It will take everything she has - and more. 

Unless she can turn back time... 

My thoughts:

**Some Spoilers**

This is one of the best fantasy series that I have read. It may be one of my favorites. What’s more the Walker Papers gets better and better as each new book is released. So, be sure to not start with this book ‘cause you’ll totally be lost, instead begin with Urban Shaman.

The eighth book in the series, Mountain Echoes, follows Joanne’s battle against the Master in her hometown of Cherokee. The Master is basically Joanne’s arch nemesis. The Master has had it out for Joanne and her family since before she was born. And now he’s targeting her father and son, Aidan, who live in the Qualla.

All I can say is wow, this book kept me engaged throughout. One of my favorite parts was when Joanne flew Petite, her car. Let me tell you it was frickin’ awesome. “I shoulda named her Pegasus,” referring to Petite. Mountain Echoes is a definite must read if you’d read C.E. Murphy’s Walker Paper series!

Favorite Quotes:

“Not zombies.” I actually said it aloud, surprising them at least as much as I surprised myself. “Definitely not zombies. Wights. I think I’ll call you wights. Is that all wight with you?"

Joanne: “This way. The path less traveled by.”
Morrison: “No one can accuse you of taking anything else.”
--Joanne and Morrison

“The gist was ‘How the hell does this woman—is it a woman with that weird short hair? Yes, it’s a woman with her ugly weird clothes and ugly short hair and ugly pale skin know the language of the People? Hell if I know! Ask her!’”
--The Indians when Joanne and Morrison got stuck back in time

“I wanted to hop up and down with frustration. Magic was stupid. Cool and awesome and amazing, but also stupid.”

“Is that your mental image of yourself, Morrison? A lone wolf, standing against a tide of evildoers? That’s very teenage epic fantasy of you.”

“Guarded. Discreet. Reserved. Chary. Restra—”
Morrison held his hand up. “Chary, Walker? I know you have an English degree, but chary?”
“How often does a girl get an excuse to pull a word like that out?”
--Joanne and Morrison

“I’d mostly read about the Cherokee, but the Iroquois had put together maybe the fiercest, largest armies against European settlers and, inevitably, against other Native tribes as they were all forced out of their original lands.”

“Ayita Walkingstick had only lived a few minutes, but she was the bravest person I had ever met.”

“Who are you? What do you know about this? Disease control is our job, not yours. Who are you?”
“My name,” I said, mostly under my breath, “is Siobhan Grainne MacNamarra Walkingstick, and I’m the answer to all your prayers.”

“I thought of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner laying down road over empty sky, and I thought, well, hell, whispered, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” and slammed Petite off the side of a mountain.
We flew.”
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