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Review: Clockwork Angel (Manga) by Cassandra Clare & HyeKyung Baek

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare & HyeKyung Baek (Illustrator)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Series: The Infernal Devices: Manga #1
Reading Level: Young Adult, Manga
Publisher: Yen Press October 30, 2012
Pages: 240


A manga-adaption to the prequel of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series, The Infernal Devices is the story of Tessa Gray, a sixteen-year-old American girl traveling alone to Victorian London who runs afoul of the city's sordid supernatural underworld. Rescued by the Shadowhunters of the London Institute, Tessa quickly finds herself caught up in an intrigue that may very well destroy her new friends - including the two enigmatic young men, Jem and Will, who have taken her under their wing...

My thoughts:

My initial reaction to learning that there was a manga adaption to the first book in the Infernal Devices series was:


I mean, one of my favorite series coming to life through manga? C’mon, it’s so cool. Anyway, enough of that. How was Clockwork Angel manga style, you ask? Well, it was great! I loved it. The characters were done really well and the dialogue and whole plot of the book was adapted pretty dang good. The illustrator did a beautiful Tessa. And Will. And Jem. And Sophie, Charlotte, Jessamine, and all the other characters. Well, besides Henry. I mean I know he’s a little dorky and stuff but the illustrator could have given him a better face or a more realistic face instead of the more cartoonish face. Magnus looked fine except two things. Where are his cat eyes? and What the heck with the long hair? I was laughing so hard at that. I know it was back then but I have the picture of Magnus in the Mortal Instruments with short, spiky hair. Of course, some things (dialogue) needed to be cut out but most of it was in it. Bottom line: Clockwork Angel in manga was well done and more importantly really fun to read.

What’s your take on Clockwork Angel? What did you think about how the characters looked? Who do you think was done the best in your opinion?
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