Friday, July 18, 2014

Random Buzz - Why I'm Left Out Of The Twilight Craze

Do you ever feel like your left out of a certain craze or fad? Like, there's this really cool new style of tops that are in but the top doesn't seem to fit right? Or the new fad that bangs are da bomb but they actually look atrocious on you and give you bad acne anyways?

Well, that's what Twilight was for me about 5 years back. And actually it's still that way for me.

To put it bluntly, I dislike the sparkly vampires and the love triangle and all of the books. I just don't like Twilight.

And sometimes this makes me feel left out. Sometimes I don't understand how something so well liked and popular escapes my nod of approval.

 But then I feel like why do people even like these books? I mean, I get the premise. It has vampires, yo! And I love those bloodsuckers. But, I don't like the sparkly kind. I even have it in my Twitter bio, that's the amount of my dislike. I have to make sure people know that indeed yes I do adore vampires but not to be confused with one certain type of vampire that is which from Stephenie Meyer's saga.

I don't want to feel like the black sheep here because surely there are some people out there who don't obsessively love it. Right?


Am I right?!?

But if you do happen to like Twilight, then great! I'm not gonna rain on your parade. But, it's just not for me. Why? Well, here are some reasons...

1. Bella Swan - Ugh, she kills me. She literally is the worst female young adult character in my opinion. I feel like she doesn't have a mind of her own and is always in slobbery lust/love of Edward Cullen. DUDE, think for yourself sometimes!

2. No fangs?!? - What kind of vampire series is this? How can vampires not have fangs? I do not get this. Yes, they're supposed to have some sort of venom to kill their prey and razor sharp teeth but how can we know this without Stephenie Meyer telling us?! It takes all the badassery out of it. Vampires are supposed to look menacing and that includes FANGS.

3. Sparkly Vampires - Do I really have to say any more? Sparkle and vampire just do not go together. How is this a thing? How in any way can sparkling in the sun incite fear in anyone? The reaction your're gonna get is more like this

4. The Love Triangle - Hahaha this love triangle started the whole team thing! I remember the Team Edward and Team Jacob thing. It was laughable seeing as this love triangle is so stupid. You could already tell Bella was gonna always go for Edward. Jacob had no chance.

5. The Premise - Stephenie Meyer took a typical YA trend and spun it into a lousy story and love triangle. Bella is annoying, Edward is annoying, Jacob is annoying. It's all very shallow.

Yupp, those are some of my reasons.

Now, you may be asking why I read all the books if I dislike Twilight so much. Well, you see, I'm OCD when it comes to finishing books and series even if they're bad. But, that's a discussion for another time on Random Buzz.

What about you? How do you feel about Twilight? Is there another popular series that you are not a fan of?


I have to say the movies, in this case, are much better than the books. This is a rare case of book to movies where movies are better. They're actually mildly enjoyable but don't quote me on that.
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