Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TTT - Top Ten Most Unique Books I've Read

This list was kinda hard to compile, but here ya go!

Obsidian was very unique to me in that it's about aliens. I normally don't read anything about aliens so I thought this was pretty different, but cool. Also, man this book is HOT. It's really really good.

The concept in this book was totally off the charts. It was actually kinda confusing with a lot of world building and sci-fiy stuff. It was definitely unique. Check out my review here.

Cinder had a very different premise. Books like these, I think you either love 'em or hate 'em and I fell in line with the latter. The very unique twist on Cinderella with robots was pretty daring though. My review can be seen here.

I love this book and it's unique take on Alice in Wonderland but with zombies! Oh, and COLE HOLLAND.

I never even heard of the concept of PSS in a book so it took me a bit by surprise. It was one of those books though that took you by surprise and made you love it. Check out my review here.

You might be thinking that it's just another vampire book. But, no it's a vampire book on an island with vampires and Watchers, aka kickass girls who protect said vampires. READ. IT.

I read this book when I was like 13, so a long time ago. I remember that the format was in emails that the main character, Emily, writes to her friend. I've never really read any books with this type of format but I ended up really loving this series. If you're in for a light and hilarious read, pick up the Emily series by Katie Maxwell. 

This whole series had such a different concept that I've never read about. Dragons. And I really ended up liking it until the last few books.

Lord of the Flies was so different from other books I've read and definitely unique compared to other books I've read for school. I ended up enjoying it though it is a bit creepy.

This book wasn't necessarily different from other young adult books out there but the twist on King Arthur was a bit unique.


What are some unique books that you've read? 

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